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Naldo Góes

Managing Director

Passionate about tourism, about sharing knowledge and training in the tourism industry, Naldo Góes opened CONECTA. Representation company of tourism products - connecting people and experiences. Focused on organization, planning, efficiency, and client commitment. Recognized for his customer service, training, and support to travel advisors, operators and other companies and partners in the tourism industry in Brazil and South America!


Dynamic, outgoing, well-organized, and highly motivated. Fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Experienced in several areas – marketing, sales promotion, action plans, management, and media relations. Also, Naldo is passionate about technology, which brings the effectiveness necessary to his businesses.

🇧🇷 +55 11 98850 3070

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Karen Vucetich

Director of Sales South America

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry in leading companies, Karen is a result-driven professional with an outstanding career in tourism, focused on creating and executing strategic plans in Business Development roles.

Her years of experience have given her a strong reputation for delivering extensive market knowledge, positioning her as a recognized professional, committed, and focused on the client. Her ability to transmit and share knowledge and experiences with passion and enthusiasm has allowed her to establish long lasting client relationships and connect with people who share the same passion: travel and unique experiences.

Fluent in English, Spanish and French, her background in tourism has given her the opportunity to travel the world and get to know different places and people, which she considers to be a valuable contribution that enriches the team. Empathetic, supportive and highly motivated, always giving her best, she believes that the key to success is collaboration and communication, identifying the needs of the client, building relationships that last over time and motivating them to continue working together.

🇵🇪 +51 998 876 616

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Juliana Khouri

Director of Groups and MICE

Graduated in Tourism by SENAC and with a master’s degree in Arab Studies by USP, Juliana Khouri has been working for more than 16 years in different fields within tourism, mainly destinations and DMCs representative offices. Passionate about this segment, people and traveling, she believes that the development of this market and the promotion of destinations, places, and partners are fundamental pieces in a global and extremely connected society.

Juliana loves to share knowledge and training people, as well as to develop relationships and strategic partnerships. Fluent in English and French, she is very committed, organized, highly motivated and results oriented. Juliana also likes history, researching, sports, reading and dancing!

🇧🇷 +55 11 95186-8055

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Carol Pires

Marketing Analyst

Passionate about people and experiences, Carolina discovered her love for Tourism during her multidisciplinary degree in International Negotiations. She believes in the transformative power of tourism and that now, working at CONECTA, she can see things from a bigger perspective. The opportunity to create moments that people will never forget, build connections, and propose new paths is essential for her.


While at work, she thinks strategy is the way to go. Her previous experiences at a Junior Company helped her to develop essential skills and now she feels confident to be the excellent professional our clients need.

🇧🇷 +55 11 99223 6890

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Antonio Arraes

Inside Sales

Passionate about good traveling stories, Antonio believes that tourism is the best way to create a new point of view of everything based on unique experiences. Traveling is about experiences, so to avoid some trip issues we need to organize all moments to meet our expectations. Discovering and understanding new ways of life makes him feel very excited and motivated.

Understanding how the things work intrigues him. Evaluating a situation based on data could be really interesting. Antonio loves numbers and this skill could help him to find different solutions.

🇧🇷 +55 11 99133 4522

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Luísa Trindade

Intern & Concierge

Passionate about cultures and business, very involved with Latin America and its open veins, Luísa Maria has a deep attraction for learning. She believes in the potential that tourism has to change the world and people's lives through experiences never lived before.


With her degree in International Negotiations, she feels that her mind has expanded to all the existing possibilities in the tourist market, and how knowledge and depth about different places to guarantee customer satisfaction are fundamental parts for the success of a trip . Luísa is aware of the innovation that CONECTA brings to the tourism market and her goal is to contribute to its growing success, positively impacting everyone. Her communication skills are strengths that adds to every step of the process of connecting people and experiences.

🇧🇷 +55 11 99170 5044

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Luísa Trindade 1x1 Foto Profissional 2024.png
Emylle Lima Foto 1x1 2023.png

Emylle Lima

Sales Executive

Hotelier passionate about hospitality and sustainability, Emylle Lima has been working in different areas of hospitality and tourism for 5 years, especially with destination promotion and concierge. 


Passionate about the art of hospitality, entertainment, accommodation and food, she believes that travel is the best way to experience and share the culture of a people. 


She loves sharing what she knows, networking and communicating in the languages she knows, they are: English, Spanish and Portuguese. She is focused and greedy to discover new destinations and cultures. Emylle also enjoys gastronomy, cinema and the beach..

🇧🇷 +55 11 99168 5318

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