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Marketing and Representation services for the hospitality and travel industry in Brazil and in the South American markets, based in São Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru. Develop and build strategic partnerships for the promotion and brand awareness with the local trade (travel agencies, tour operators, MICE and others). 

We work closely with our clients to develop a strong understanding of your products and services, delivering extraordinary support with ongoing training and direct connection.

Know us a little more and let's connect people & experiences together.

What do we do?

marketing and promotion

also consultancy

prospect potential clients → generate interest → retain clients B2B.


​What is part of our job in promoting CONECTA’s clients in South America?


- Brand Awareness and visibility to customers.

- Lead Generation (identify potential B2B clients and partners in the industry) for Groups, Leisure and MICE.


Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals offers extensive sales support through new leads and personal connections:


- Sales Calls - as an extension of your sales team, offering a broader territory coverage.

- Training, seminars and webinars. A key focus for us! 

- Create and implement Action Plans - strategic Partnerships for Marketing and Promotion.

- Assist in organizing, hosting and/or attending Events, Seminars, Trade Fairs and Roadshows in South America.

- Organize and attend Fam and Press Trips.


We also offer, as part of our concierge-like representation:


- Sales leads Follow-Ups.

- Small Translations of promotional resources from English, French into Spanish and Portuguese.

- Assist with Digital Marketing and Social Media strategies.

- Detailed Reports upon request.


Are you interested in our services? Contact us :)

Why choose us?

Nothing is more important than expert assistance in any service provided. Only when your product/brand has an intermediary, who speaks the local language, understands the tourism processes, and knows the needs of the local industry (advisors, operators and other trade professionals) is possible to create effective marketing strategies, and by doing so showcase your product/brand - generating sales and long-lasting relationships.


CONECTA's team has excellent previous experience in marketing and promoting to the South American luxury markets, clients such as Turks and Caicos Islands, Monaco, Denmark, Seychelles (destinations), Luxury Cayman Villas (mansions), El Corte Inglés (department stores), Crown Tours Maldives and Grosvenor Tours (DMCs) American Airlines, and Sandals & Beaches Resorts (hotels and resorts).


With a solid background of work qualifications, proactive, thirst for knowledge linked to technology skills, multidisciplinary degrees and expertise of the tourism luxury segment…


CONECTA makes use of the latest tools for promoting its clients effectively: well designed e-mails marketing, personalized messages over WhatsApp (and others), attractive content on Instagram, always communicating with the trade about promotions and materials for download of the products represented, quality training sessions. and much more.


Through our strategy and tactic we will guarantee your success.


Read the following comments from the industry, and get a glimpse into why we are the ideal company to make your business grow in the South American markets.

Trade Feedback

Naldo, your enthusiasm and positive attitude towards work are contagious.  Your presence becomes a motivation to your colleagues. You influence everyone to put passion for work and achieve the target goals, thank you for being an inspiration to the team!  You made an exemplary contribution to the Latin America team and the company. Continue with your hard work and passion, wishing you lots of success and growth professionally and personally.

Arlenes Garcia - Sandals Resorts, Director of Sales and Marketing for Latin America

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Mission, Vision, Values

  • Be a reference in the representation area of tourism products. 

  • Connect creatively and skillfully, people and experiences.

  • Assist incredible voyages.

  • Target socio-sustainability.

  • Make long-standing partnerships.

  • Generate leads and satisfactory sales to our clients.

  • Be a forward-thinking, attractive, professional, conscious, educational and organized company.

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